How To Use This App

Set up your phone to play via your car speaker. If you are not sure how to do this here is a How To video.

Our audio narration will play automatically at each stop as well as direct you from stop to stop. To do this the app uses GPS and for it to work correctly check the following items:

Before you start a tour:

Check that your device has Location services activated and Notifications are enabled for this app.

To do this tap the cog icon (gear) on the main screen:

This will take you to Settings:

  • Ensure Location settings or Notify me of nearby locations option is ticked

  • Ensure Play stop audio is ticked

  • Check for updates to get the latest version of the tour

  • Note that Language can be changed under settings

Tour selection
Return to the main screen, select the tour you would like to do and then tap on Download at the bottom of the screen. It is often best to download the tour at a location where there is good mobile or Wi Fi coverage. During the tour the app will play from your phone so good mobile internet is not needed.

Start Tour

Once the tour has downloaded, select Start Tour.


Click the beacon icon and ensure Show location alerts and  Autoplay audio options are selected. If you are unable to make these selections read Apple help HERE. (Location Services must be set to Always for your travel directions to work.)






Click the 3 dots in upper right corner, Click Location Settings, Select Show location alerts and Play stop audio



A list of tour pages or stops can be found under the list icon (the 3 lines) at the top left of the screen, selecting an item will take you to that page.
An interactive map of the tour can be found by selecting the folded map symbol at the top right of the screen.

If there is mobile phone coverage in the area your current location should be highlighted by a dot. Clicking on a numbered stop pin will take you to that page in the app.

Navigating between pages can be done by tapping Previous or Next at the bottom of the page or by swiping the page left or right. More Information or additional sections may be found by scrolling down.

Swiping across images may reveal additional images. Tapping on an image will enlarge the view and show the image caption, rotating your device will change the format. Image credits can be found by tapping the information icon.

To listen to audio (if it doesn’t trigger automatically via GPS) tap the triangular play button below the images on the app page.

To watch videos tap the triangular play button within the image.