How to Use the Auto Tour App

1) Set up your phone to play via your car speaker. If you are not sure how to do this here is a How To video.

2) Go to your Apple App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android) and search for “Sarasota County Auto Tours”

3) Download the app and open it.

4) Our audio narration is designed to play automatically at each stop as well as direct you from stop to stop.

    For it to work correctly set your phone Location Service to Always/Allowed all the time.

    How to do this: iPhone   Android

5) The opening screen should look something like this:

Click the gear icon at the lower right.

6) The next screen should look like this:

Click “Check for updated content.”

7) Back on the home screen select the tour you’d like to take.

     The screen you should see will look something like this:

Click “Download Tour.”   It is often best to download the tour at a location where there is good mobile or Wi Fi coverage. During the tour the app will play from your phone so good mobile internet is not needed.  Once downloaded the bar will turn green.

8) Click “Start Tour.”

The opening screen will be  a map of the tour:


1. Markers showing each location where the audio will be triggered. NOTE: The numbered points are Stops on the tour, others are triggers for audio travel directions

2. left arrow = Scroll Back to Previous Stop or directional trigger point.

3. See entire map

4. See where you are on map

5. Get directions from where you are to Next Stop (in most of the tours we provide directions as you go, no need to view map)

6. right arrow = Scroll Forward to Next Stop or directional trigger point.

7. Click to see page, photos and hear audio for Trigger Point listed. Tap the numbered points on the map to select Stops on the tour,

Drive to the starting point and enjoy your tour!

Additional Notes:

Swiping across images may reveal additional images. Tapping on an image will enlarge the view and show the image caption, rotating your device will change the format. Image credits can be found by tapping the information icon.

To listen to audio (if it doesn’t trigger automatically via GPS) tap the triangular play button below the images on the app page.

To watch videos tap the triangular play button within the image.