Sarasota County Centennial 2021 Ambassadors

Overview:  Centennial 2021 Ambassadors are people who agree to become knowledgeable about the evolving Centennial celebration and talk to neighbors and friends about the importance of the Centennial.  Ambassadors can also agree to serve as volunteers at Centennial events, help distribute Centennial promotional materials, and help the development of Centennial Neighborhood Associations.

A. The Roles and Functions of a Centennial Ambassador

  1. To become a knowledgeable advocate of the Centennial 2021 by learning about the historical events surrounding the creation of Sarasota County as well as the plans for the 2021 celebration.
  2. To promote and foster interest in the Centennial with neighbors, friends, groups and organizations to which you may belong. To lead discussions on the upcoming Centennial.
  3. Possibly to serve in volunteer capacities at Centennial 2021 events.
  4. Possibly to become active in forming or joining a Centennial 2021Neighborhood Association where you live and help plan neighborhood Centennial 2021 events or to help prepare a history of your neighborhood.
  5. To encourage attendance at the Centennial 2021 lecture series and other Centennial events.
  6. Possibly to speak about Centennial activities before local groups.
  7. To be sure your local library is stocking Centennial 2021 materials in its pamphlet racks. Possibly distribute pamphlets and other Centennial items to local chambers of commerce, visitor centers and interested businesses.

 B. Who can apply to be a Centennial Ambassador?

Ambassadors must be at least 18 years of age and live or work either full- or part-time in Sarasota County.  Application forms can be filled out on line at the Sarasota County Centennial 2021 website. Ambassadors must be reliable when volunteering to work at Centennial 2021 events.

All applicants must be approved by the Centennial Steering Committee.

C. What do Ambassadors receive for their efforts?

  1. Their names are listed on the Sarasota County Centennial 2021 website.
  2. A name badge for use when working as an Ambassador.
  3. Each Ambassador receives an appropriate Centennial 2021 certificate.
  4. The satisfaction of helping the Sarasota County Community mount a meaningful celebration of its 100th birthday.


Thank you! Please remember that your application will be reviewed by the Sarasota County Centennial 2021 Steering Committee. Also, if you or your group wishes to organize a Centennial event, it must be approved by the Centennial Steering Committee before it is entered on the Centennial Calendar.

Stay Informed